Escape the Heat Chic

Poplins & Linens-
 Prairies & Long beaches … 
These looks are summer-worthy regardless of where you cavort

These pure whites are saintly from the cool comfort to the chic drape appeal they provide in this ongoing heatwave of a summer 

Nothing will ever replace the appeal of the oversized “boyfriend” slouch cotton shirting

Pop a few buttons, strategically messily give it a front tuck for some added structure/ tailoring 

Hereby, giving it a more feminine allure by revealing your shape a bit more 

Pair it with a slim pair or trousers or even pair of shorts to reveal those stems we kept hidden all winter long.

At any given moment at any given time of day when I come across a Hazel & Folk piece, I die…

I am endlessly obsessed with the unwavering chic pieces

They are simplistic, clean heaven-sentAnd to be honest from a city to a beach they are perfect.

As a city girl I will always add in practicality. 

Um hi, that length for getting around and sitting on the subway: Superb.Bonus points for ease of commutes.

Shop the looks now:

The Tie Sleeve Stripe Shirt,                         Main,                         color, Green Stripe

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