Boho Necessities

Forget about your worries and your strife.

These boho pieces are ones,

That bring the bare necessities of life


Mystical gemstones in this style are perfect for bohemian decor.

Listen to that freedom ring; to the shake of homemade instruments, to the shuffles of bare feet, and leather sandals- not unlike that of the Woodstock- days of peace.

Sunday Spotlight: A Bohemian Guesthouse That’s Worth The Visit | Free People Blog #freepeople

Boho Bags is the embodiment of an attitude. Of a free and open spirit, of unshakable self-belief, of positivity, creativity and liberation.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 4.59.54 PM.png

  Rattan Backpack - Ethno Details






Handcrafted with care in Bali from the highest quality natural materials using traditional techniques

Explore. Dream. Discover.” Lost Lover’s mantra; inspiring women to create their own unique style, and appreciate the cultural significance of the jewelry and homewares sourced from around the world.”

Lost Lover

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 2.59.45 PM

Mahiya – meaning ‘My Love’, the bohemian lifestyle is truly what inspires the Mahiya brand and line of products, all handmade with love


With pride in attention to detail, this spiritual, colorful brand encapsulates a full lifestyle seasoned with eclectic chic appeal.  Their service parallels to the brand’s message offering a rich sensory experience that leaves each customer feeling inspired and supported
Bella Boheme
Sienna Maxi - Goldie
I kid you not, when I tell you I covet this space on the reg.
It will have you saying “Namaste” before you even arrive
Nothing speaks more ‘free-spirit’ like the thought of a commune. This brand honors sustainability, and, wherever possible- ethical, fair trade, handmade products, carrying multiple brands from housewear to accessories to childrens’ clothing






Dharma Door Coaster Set

Clothing for your free-spirited little babe, that makes you pull out your phone for just a “few” instagrammable smiles & homewares that we lounge on while posting the 50 images of the baby smile…’cause each one is so different, and too cute to not!

Natural Rug / Throw


From babywear to womenswear Y&O do more than just stylishly dress you & the babe. Sustainable reaches new heights with this brand. Carrier and accessory fabrics using only plants & herbs, renowned for their medicinal values. All waste water and solids are then recycled back into the production process…. (whhhhat)

 Y&O so accurately states the truth we all come to find when we least expect it…
“sooner or later we all quote our mothers”
Canggu Showroom
EMONK is an exclusive collection of handmade pieces using antique tribal textiles, vintage jewelry and artisan braids.

…”swimsuits that create support from their construction and are functional from day to night.” – Designers Rosie Iffla and Christine Tang.
F E L L A .
Boutique properties reflecting the eclectic spirit and beauty  of Byron Bay… need we say more!? Make the escape now…




Banner Chalet mobile
A quintessential Australian brand that embodies an authentic style of living through an ever-evolving collection of custom-made furniture, homewares and art. This brand philosophizes of ‘original creation with soul’. From hammocks to baskets your home will be the zenith of relaxation sanctuaries
hendrixandharlow's profile pictureproduct

Stay free. Stay kind. Stay at peace.


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