The Way NYC Girl’s Handle Snowy Mornings

Last week, I awoke to the pleasant fresh snowfall Your kid-like excitement quickly turns to anguish when on e realizes they live in NYC and have to strategically pack and plan their day....These beautiful trees made me forget I was one again a bag lady just on her way to work...and then had to carry....her lunch, her [...]

Superb Scarves and their infinite Stylish possibilities…

Scarves have been my favorite accessory to the point I don't consider them (just) an accessory but a necessity ...from the time when I was 14 and  called the "head scarf" returning to trend before it happened  ... to working with the bombastic  beautiful Lilly Pulitzer printed scarves on Madison Ave.... to working in a corporate office designing scarves...I have seen the versatile style they can bring... the multi-functionality they can produce...  the coordination that [...]

A Gatsby blog post each day until the film release!… you can experience this one yourself!

Hello, checking in for the Gatsby "party"(you can makes these kinds of puns all day)Kick it like Mr Jay Gatsby...       This lavish space was unveiled at the Plaza in NYC.. which was also mentioned in the book (The Great Gatsby)F. Scott himself frequented the hotel often with wife, Zelda.  This is the real [...]