Cultivated Elegance

Cultivated Elegance

  Fluidity. Gliding Grace. Elegantly Elevated. Ruffled Regality.    There's a reason ballerinas are looked on in amazement. Well more the one, but the major; their sheer poise and gracefulness. The beauty of movement and elegance. Bringing that to life through gowns, blouses, & decor... well who want to live in a world of ethereal refinement? [...]

Superb Scarves and their infinite Stylish possibilities…

Scarves have been my favorite accessory to the point I don't consider them (just) an accessory but a necessity ...from the time when I was 14 and  called the "head scarf" returning to trend before it happened  ... to working with the bombastic  beautiful Lilly Pulitzer printed scarves on Madison Ave.... to working in a corporate office designing scarves...I have seen the versatile style they can bring... the multi-functionality they can produce...  the coordination that [...]

Down to Business…

I have more than an extremity of respect for the irreplaceable Oscar de la Renta... although this a delayed article topic it's still bearing significance that our society is losing..."It’s important for [certain industry professionals] to look at the clothes and see them. They shouldn’t have to go through 30,000 people, and 10,000 who are [...]

The Berries (20’s slang for attractive) and the Bee’s Knees (20’s slang for the ultimate) gather for The Great Gatsby premier

Some of Hollywood's hottest stars donned the premier in some gorgeous threads...Moments and favorite looks of the evening...Favorite dress of the night- Nina Dobrev looked gorgeous as ever in a deco-esqueVersace dress, Rupert Sanderson shoes, Susan Foster jewelry, and a Jimmy Choo clutch. feel Carey could have gone a little more 20's inspired although she is gorgeous nonetheless Jennifer Lawrence looked fresh faced and [...]