Feminine Flames Heat Up Runways

Feminine Flames Heat Up Runways

Daffodil hues ruled the runways in the best ways for Spring 2019. Coldplay said it best: 'And all the things you do And it was called "Yellow"'

Breathe the Breeze

Dusters, kimonos & cover ups It's an art form, Dressing in the sultry city summer heat   There is more to the summer heat than just dressing in light fabrics From the random gusts of wind down narrow streets to sitting on the subway to walking up flights of stairs.... a lot of thought goes (or [...]

A New York Delicacy

Shout out to MADE IN NEW YORK, fine craftsmanship.(not to mention woman owned & operated... can I get an Amen!?)This Brooklyn-based brand offers elite quality jewelry paralleling with their elite business practices I am a girl all about the stacks. Leave it to Catbird to guide your hand, literally and perfect you tip to knuckle ratio like [...]

Refined and Defined with a bit of Roguery

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."Nostalgia has been my style, my taste, my way of life since as long as I can recallAs I stir my tea with my antique monogrammed tea spoons I snuggle into my grandfather's cardigan I bask in bliss of Rowing BlazersThere's a [...]


 I am ready for some glow and perk to my step...low and behold...POWERFUL-STRENGTH LINE-REDUCING CONCENTRATEI know extended summer weather is an "indian summer"But what the hell was this extended winter called?"A reason to keep this product at arm's reach year-round"A new skincare product that makes you feel and #cthedifferenceKIEHL’S INTRODUCES THE NEXT GENERATION OF THE [...]

Spicing Things up for Thanksgiving

I made my way home to the comforts of country roads from the city clutter and clatter... I could not be more at easeA fine overcoat in a warm hue will bring this Autumnal holiday to lifeBuy it now: BURBERRY Wool-blend duffle coatBuy it now w/ 25% off (with code DONTSTRESS): atlas cocoon coatClassic conservative pieces are [...]

What’s Old Is New

Whether your summering in the Hamptons, or kicking it cool-kid style in LA, summertime is the peak for antiquing Pop over to Invauable's, Summer Antiquing guide to the hottest spots in the US to hit for antiquingAntiques are not just your grandmothers monogrammed spoons, which by the way, Um... Hello epic tea station in your kitchen that guests [...]

Kiehl’s Steals

Kiehl's products were a smash hit at my family's father's day celebrationThe 1-2-3 Men's Anti-aging Skincare RoutineAge Defender lineClose Shavers Squadron™ And if these products weren't enough, in case you missed it Kiehl's threw a kick ass Pride PartyKiehl’s flagship store, honoring The Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI). Kiehl’s USA President Chris Salgardo, with the event’s host, MYA, presented a $5,000 donation to Thomas Krever, [...]

Summer Strut

There is nothing sweeter than a summer shoe, comfortable and cool enough, from touring the museums, running on the sandy beaches , to skipping off to brunch a summer shoe is essential with a few key elementsEspadrilles, Sandals, and Gladiators make for the perfect picksCheck out Verudra for true craftsmanship Handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy the Verdura collection [...]