Scorching Summertime Sadness

Scorching Summertime Sadness

The only thing that causes me sadness in the summertime is the appearance that I have been crying solely because my makeup is melting off my face Our childhood goals of running through the park fountain becomes real again when summer strikes in the city A cloud of angst hovers when it's time to pack [...]

Summer Suiting

Summer Suiting

Down to Business. Barbara Casasola ASOS RED HOT. SMOKE SHOW. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS LOOK. BUY: REVOLVE: NOLITA BLAZER AMANDA UPRICHARD Twists and takes on the traditional. Reinventions with embellishments adornments are perfectly modern yet timeless. SHOP: M' ODA 'OPERANDI BUY: MAX MARA- Ciurma double-breasted wool BUY: Max Mara Woman Double-breasted Satin Vest Black Loving this tux [...]

Breathe the Breeze

Dusters, kimonos & cover ups It's an art form, Dressing in the sultry city summer heat   There is more to the summer heat than just dressing in light fabrics From the random gusts of wind down narrow streets to sitting on the subway to walking up flights of stairs.... a lot of thought goes (or [...]

Just Bag It.

A Summer Handbag.An Essential.   It requires thought, consideration & deliberation.From size to shape to color to materials all must be taken into account ESPECIALLY if you are planning rooftop drinks after work OR attempting to strategically pack for holidayA bag with a structured shape is ideal when you are able to sit it on a table or [...]

Escape the Heat Chic

Poplins & Linens- Prairies & Long beaches ... These looks are summer-worthy regardless of where you cavortThese pure whites are saintly from the cool comfort to the chic drape appeal they provide in this ongoing heatwave of a summer Nothing will ever replace the appeal of the oversized "boyfriend" slouch cotton shirtingPop a few buttons, strategically messily give [...]

Small World, Little Market

Global recognition.Fair Trade.Artisans.Women.#Amen  Where to start with this one..I as many others have been a longtime lover, consumer, and follower of the little market In a world that seems quite divided and distant what better time than to recognize we are all human, all have gifts, and all have something to learn from each other BASHA      [...]

Tousle Tresses Only With the Best

Tossd has been an obsession of mine since its launch.As a girl who never left the 90's the scrunchie collection is what reeled me in.  But what kept me and indulged my heart was its passion for funding an orphanage."SPRING" SINGLE SCRUNCHIE"GIGI" SCRUNCHIE SET I attribute my sea obsession with being a Pisces. Every day I [...]

Hott Times in the City

This ones for the NYC summer interns, newbies, haunted & daunted tourists & those just trying to get by We're here to give you tips, tricks & products for ease (you'll thank us... we did it the hard way) We all love a little classic handbag for our daily commutes. But in all honesty you will more than likely [...]


 I am ready for some glow and perk to my step...low and behold...POWERFUL-STRENGTH LINE-REDUCING CONCENTRATEI know extended summer weather is an "indian summer"But what the hell was this extended winter called?"A reason to keep this product at arm's reach year-round"A new skincare product that makes you feel and #cthedifferenceKIEHL’S INTRODUCES THE NEXT GENERATION OF THE [...]


The east coast saw the sun for the first time this week in what feels like a decadeThere is nothing more appealing to me than effortless enchantment And nothing does it better than a chic caftanVeruschka - US Vogue February 15, 1966As a child (& even now) ...I envision myself in floating down a grand staircase [...]