Suit Up- Pack it up, Tuck it in… let me begin

Suit Up- Pack it up, Tuck it in… let me begin

Bodysuits- Obtain a look with figure emphasis from casual to fancy

Small World, Little Market

Global recognition.Fair Trade.Artisans.Women.#Amen  Where to start with this one..I as many others have been a longtime lover, consumer, and follower of the little market In a world that seems quite divided and distant what better time than to recognize we are all human, all have gifts, and all have something to learn from each other BASHA      [...]

A New York Delicacy

Shout out to MADE IN NEW YORK, fine craftsmanship.(not to mention woman owned & operated... can I get an Amen!?)This Brooklyn-based brand offers elite quality jewelry paralleling with their elite business practices I am a girl all about the stacks. Leave it to Catbird to guide your hand, literally and perfect you tip to knuckle ratio like [...]

International Women’s Day: Speak Up & Out

What better way to celebrate #InternationalWomensday than with a kick-ass female brand:Now it is in my innate nature (and in appreciation that it's allowed) that I refuse to be silenced, "put in my place" or constrictedFor all it is not that simple...The Speak Up Speak Out collectionwas designed to given women a voice in a [...]

For "SAAB-ING" out loud….

As I live and breathe.... Elie Saab endlessly creates such beauty that it hurts...Hearing Lebanese designer, Elie Saab's motivation it's no wonder why women fall head-over fabulous heels for a Saab piece.Elie Saab Haute Couture S/S 2013"I like ..women who twirl theirdresses with desire and pride.."It's safe to say most girls would endlessly twirl in endless glory of [...]

Jazz Fever

Don't be a canceled stamp! (20's slang for wall flower/shy girl)In light of the Gatsby buzz, here's some music for the eggs (person who lives a life of extravagance) of the bunch...put your glad rags on (out on the town clothes)...and let your Oliver Twist shine (skilled dancer)...I love this Lana Del Rey song for the [...]