Everlasting Femme Fatale

Everlasting Femme Fatale

The power of woman & the embodiment of the femme form.

Never Forgotten Ninties

As a child of the 90's there are certain looks I've held onto... not considered them dated by any means, but yearned to own them year in and year out.  Drew Barrymore for the win.Par example- perhaps it was deemed inappropriate for me have rocked a body-hugging crop top and mini skirt paired with platforms [...]

Saved By The 90’s

With the hilarious and memory-invoking skit the cast from Saved by the Bell and Jimmy Fallon, we are forced to recall the fashion, faux-pas or not.While we may or may not have realized the extent of the script's "cheesiness" We can't help but be "SO EXCITED" and "SO SCARED" about these 90's pieces....Yes many of these [...]

5 Reasons Why the High-Waisted Pants Will Never Cease to Exist

1) Accentuates the waist2) Allows you to bare your mid drift and not feel completely naked....like this less-than subtle look3) You never have to face this tragedy... 5) The 90's child in you rejoices6) Because who didn't want to be Kelly Kapowski?!...And if you don't get any of this...Clarissa can explain it all....One of my favorite [...]